Bauman Christopher James
Non-teacher, Teacher Assistant
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Fully vaccinated (March 21 2022), I can speak both English and Chinese, I completed a Masters in Foreign Language Education and Cultural Industries (Thesis in Critical Thinking) 2020, I am at the final stage of teacher certification, I am a currently accredited IELTS examiner & I attended a Catholic school from grade 5-12.

I have a young family and I am eager to work.

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Teaching Levels
Teacher's / Education Assistant Tutoring


Work Experience

Certified IELTS Examiner
IDP Australia
5 Jul 2020 - Currently working

As an IELTS examiner I am qualified to test Foreign student English levels for them to secure a place in the Australian University System.

Instructional Designer
Wenzao Ursuline University (Taiwan)
1 Apr 2020 - 31 Mar 2021

Working at the University as a part time lecturer, I developed my own teaching courses for post graduate students who wanted to increase their English Communication levels to an extremely high standard.

Cambridge International Program Teacher
Dah Yung International Bilingual School
24 Feb 2020 - 31 Jan 2022

Teaching on an academic residential course. Organising and supervising educational excursions and activities as appropriate for the course. Monitoring the behaviour and welfare of all students on the subject course during class times and communicating any issues to senior management. Being updated and aware of important policies including safeguarding.

IELTS Exam Teacher
English Language Training School
1 Aug 2019 - 26 Nov 2020

Responsible for maintaining the integrity of the test and ensure a fair testing procedure is followed for all candidates in the speaking module. Managed complex projects from start to finish Collaborated with other designers Translated requirements into polished, high-level designs

Instructional Designer for Presentation & Conversion
Sanmin Senior High School
15 Feb 2018 - 27 Aug 2020

Preparing and presenting day courses for teachers and Students to assist in the improvement of their English language proficiency.

Corporate Trainer
TzuChi Community Charity Foundation
10 Apr 2016 - Currently working

Currently volunteering with this organisation online; Responsible for design, delivery and continuous improvement of training programs; conduct needs assessment, execute training, develop reinforcements and evaluate.

Instructional Design & Critical Thinking Instructor
Fushan Junior High School (Taiwan)
15 Aug 2013 - 22 Oct 2020

Analyse learning needs and then systematically develop instruction. Study instructional theories, tools and resources to develop methods that facilitate learning Use current research in educational psychology, educational theory and systems analysis to ensure the most suitable teaching methods are used base their decisions on proven instructional design methods. Use pedagogically sound teaching methods and the latest technology to design effective learning products. Draw from their deep knowledge of the various strategies and technologies that can be applied to course design. Work with Subject Matter Experts (SME) or “content specialist”

Skills & Attributes

International Speaking and Training
Chinese Language Skills
Critical thinking training skills
Finding creative solutions during stressful times
Public Speaking Skills
Honesty Humility Easy to manage Punctual Team player Active listener


Masters in Foreign Language Education and Cultural Industries Masters degree
Wenzao Ursuline University

Graduate Diploma of Teaching - Specializing in Secondary Education Graduate diploma
University of Southern Queensland

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Bachelor degree
Griffity University